Guidelines for Processing of Visa Applications at the Embassy

Visa Application/Receiving (9:00 am - 12:00 p.m. only)

Note:  Personal appearance of visa applicant is required.  Only the applicant is allowed to transact business at the Visa counter. 

1) Proceed to the Consular Section of the Philippine Embassy located at the ground floor;

2) Get a queue number; 

3) Wait for your number to be called on the screen;

4) Proceed to Window 4 (Visa counter) as your number is called and submit all the required documents (incomplete documents will not be processed);

5) If the visa application is accepted, you may proceed to Counter 3 (cashier) for payment;

6) End of transaction.


Visa Collection (1:00 to 4:00 pm)

Applicant will personally claim the visa at the Embassy based on the date release stamped on the official receipt.  In case the applicant is unable to collect the visa, a representative can collect the visa provided that he/she brings the official receipt, a notarized authorization letter and original and photocopy of the authorized representative's IC or passport.

1) Proceed to the Consular Section, Counter 4 (RELEASING window) and place the receipt in the document tray as the releasing officer will collect all receipts submitted (no need to get a queue number);  

2) The releasing officer will call the name of the visa applicant for the release of visa.  


Note: Clients are reminded to bring their complete sets of documents, including originals and photocopies, for their own convenience.