Information for Foreign Media and Film Outfits

Foreign newsmen, journalists and cinema and television groups intending to visit the Philippines in pursuit of their profession are required to secure appropriate visas and accreditation from the relevant Philippine government agencies prior to embarking on their activity or project in the Philippines

For this purpose, following are the requirements for accreditation for film outfits desiring to shoot or make films or documentaries in the Philippines.


1. Letter of request stating their intention to do a documentary film in the country and requesting for accreditation of the crew 

Please address the letter to: 

Asec Ana Maria Paz R. Banaag
Assistant Secretary 
Operations and Special Concerns
Presidential Communications Operations Office
Malacanang, Manila

Attention: International Press Center
News and Information Bureau 

Contact No.: +(632)3366095 Telefax
Email : intlpresscenter@gmail.com, ipc0182@gmail.com 

2. List of TV equipment (for the release of their equipment from the Bureau of Customs)
3. List of crew members and their designation
4. Itinerary of the crew members including their flight details (Arrival and Departure)
5. Synopsis/storyline/purpose
6. 3 pcs. 2x2 colored picture white background for each of the production crew members
7. Photocopy of their passports (pages 1 and 2)
8. Properly filled up IPC application form (click here
9. Filling of Special Work Permit at the Bureau of Immigration @P6500/person
Including notary public fee (Can be done directly with BID or thru IPC)


Upon completion of the above requirements, the Applicant then submit their documents to the nearest Philippine Consulate/Embassy for endorsement to IPC. Processing of documents will take 5 working days. Upon arrival they have to go to the International Press Center (IPC) for the issuance of the necessary IDs. If they have local coordinator she/he can coordinate with the IPC in advance.


IPC Accreditation is necessary for foreign media who are either part of an official delegation or who are on assignment representing their respective media organizations, and primarily for the ingress of media equipment at airport customs. 

Below are the contact details of IPC:

Contact Person: Ms. Rose Coni
Office: Media Accreditations and Relations Office (MARO), Malacañang
Telephone: (+632) 7345889
Email address: intlpresscenter@gmail.com, maro@pcoo.gov.ph, rose_jacoba@yahoo.com


1. Fully accomplished accreditation form
2. Note Verbale from the Foreign Ministry of the visiting delegation indicating the media representative as an official delegate; or a letter of endorsement from their respective embassy for visiting journalists or new applicants representing their respective media organizations
3. 2 pcs 2x2 colored picture, white background for each media representative
4. Copy of contract of employment (for local hire)
5. Photocopy of passport (pages 1 and 2) and latest arrival stamp in Manila
6. List of equipment
7. List of crew members and their delegation
8. Media itinerary
9. Visa for journalists issued by the FSP with jurisdiction over the media representative's country

Additional Requirements for New Applicants

1. Five (5) by-lined photos (published not later than 3 months)
2. Five (5) by-lined articles (published not later than 3 months)
3. Five (5) consecutive issues of newspaper or magazine, for publications/print media (published not later than 3 months)


* Upon arrival, visiting media have to proceed to the IPC Office for accreditation.
* Media Access into Malacañang Palace

A separate request on top of IPC Accreditation must be made by the foreign media to the Media Accreditations and Relations Office (MARO) of Malacañang at least 1 week prior to the event. This is usually arranged by the foreign embassy in Manila. If media is part of a delegation for official/state visit of the Foreign Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Prime Minister, President, or royalty, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) policy office with oversight on the visit will prepare a letter to MARO, cc Office of Public Diplomacy (OPD). OPD may assist in following-up on the status of the request. This process also applies to OPD in-house photographers and videographers who are part of the Philippine delegation.

* Foreign media who wish to shoot videos around Metro Manila must secure all necessary permission from local authorities (i.e. Rizal Park management, Makati City Hall, etc.). This is usually facilitated by the local coordinator and/or foreign embassy and is outside the jurisdiction of the IPC, MARO, and DFA.