Conversion of Philippine Driver’s License to Malaysian Driver’s License

Those who wish to convert their Philippine driver’s license to Malaysian driver’s license are required by Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan Malaysia (Road Transport Department Malaysia) to submit a certificate from the Philippine Embassy.

For the Embassy to issue such certificate, applicants are to present the original and photocopy of the following:

1) Valid Philippine Non-Professional or Professional Driver’s License and the Official Receipt;

2) Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) authenticated Land Transportation Office (LTO) Certification on the issuance of Driver’s License;

3) Valid Philippine Passport; and

4) Valid Malaysian Visa.


Fee: RM 120.00 

Processing Period: Three (3) working days 

Procedure for Authentication at the Department of Foreign Affairs:

* Application for Certification of the holder's license at LTO main office in Quezon City;

* Claiming of Certification at Office of Consular Affairs - Authentication, Releasing Unit on the scheduled date of release based on claim stub by LTO to the requesting party; and

* Payment of the fee of Php 100.00 for authentication at DFA.

If an authorized representative is claiming the LTO Certification, the authorized representative is required to present a notarized special power of attorney, his/her original valid ID and copy of the license owner's valid ID.

Note: Clients are reminded to bring their complete sets of documents, including originals and photocopies, for their own convenience. 

Processing Period for the Conversion of Driver's License at the Embassy: 3 working days

Consular Fees