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Malaysian (foreign) employers hiring skilled workers / household service workers from the Philippines are required to engage the services of a duly-licensed Philippine manpower agency which is accredited by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration.

The requirements for such accreditation for submission to the Office of the Labor Attaché are as follows:  

  1. Manpower Request and Updated Wage Schedule (J.O.). The wages should logically be higher that the latest Domestic Helper level.

  2. Special Power of Attorney (SPA) in proper form

  3. Recruitment/Service/Manning Agreement signed on every page

  4. (Master) Employment Contract which should be transformed into INDIVIDUAL CONTRACTS for certain skills and levels

  5. Joint Affidavit of Undertaking (JAU)

  6. Immigration/Labour Approval (with English Translation) NO EXEMPTION

  7. Business License (with English Translation)

  8. Company Forms 24 and 49, certified by company secretary

  9. Affidavit of Philippine Agent

  10. Copy of POEA license of Philippine Agent which is NOT expiring without 60 days from submission. If expiring, there must be a certification

  11. by POEA that an application for renewal has been submitted.

  12. Letter from Company re-authorized signatory and authority to submit and collect.

  13. Copy of passport/IC of authorized signatory

  14. Agency mechanism for worker's welfare protection (non-transferability, etc.)

  15. Company profile with office & agency/staff house pictures (of both agency and principal)

  16. Inspection Report (to be accomplished by Labor Attaché

  17. Other relevant documents relevant to a particular submission

Important Reminders:  

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For Domestic Helpers:

  1. Duly accomplished Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) Standard Employment Contract for Household Service Workers, attested by a registered Malaysian Notary Public

  2. Immigration approval for employment (calling visa should be attested by Wisma Putra). In case of a diplomat, an approval from Wisma Putra.

  3. Minimum Salary : US$400.00 (per POEA Governing Board Resolution No. 5, Series of 2006)

  4. Photocopy of workers’ passport (first page with details and photo)

  5. Photocopy of employer’s IC/passport

  6. Passport size photo of worker (2 pcs.)

  7. Payment of RM138.75 per contract for Verification (RM42.50) and Authentication (RM96.25) fees.  All Documents must be submitted in two (2) sets : 1 original and 1 photocopy

  8. Processing Period: 3 days

  9. Verified and authenticated documents should be submitted to POEA and original calling visa attested by Wisma Putra to be presented to the Malaysian Embassy in Manila.

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For Various Skills Workers:

  1. Duly accomplished Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) Standard Employment Contract for Various Skills Workers attested by any registered Malaysian Notary Public

  2. Immigration approval for Employment (Calling Visa/DP10/MSC approval) - (with English translation only from the High Court/Session Court Interpreter)

  3. Photocopy of workers’ passport

  4. Photocopy of employer’s IC/passport

  5. Passport size photo of the worker (2 pcs.)

  6. Payment of RM138.75 per document (items 1 & 2) for Verification (RM42.50) and Authentication (RM96.25) fees.  All Documents must be submitted in two (2) sets : 1 original and 1 photocopy

  7. Processing Period: 3 days

  8. Verified and authenticated documents should be submitted to POEA and original calling visa attested by Wisma Putra to be presented to the Malaysian Embassy in Manila.

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Pursuant to Article 18 of the Labor Code, POEA is directed to process the employment contracts of workers who are directly hired by the following employers:

Member of the diplomatic corps; and

International organizations.

All other foreign employers shall secure the approval of the Secretary of Labor and Employment before the employment contracts of the workers whom they have directly hired are processed.

Foreign employers who are registered/accredited with private recruitment agencies are not allowed to directly hire workers.

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Filipino workers abroad who are leaving for Philippines for a vacation and are returning to the same employer can be issued an Overseas Employment Certificate or OEC. The OEC holder shall be exempted from the payment of the Philippine travel tax amounting to P1,600.00 and the Airport Terminal Fee of P550.00.

OEC applicants must accomplish an OFW Information Sheet, and present the following:

· Passport with a valid Work Permit

· Valid Employment Contract verified by the POLO-KL / Stamp Registered by POEA

· Proof of OWWA membership and Philhealth coverage,

· Payment of RM10.00 for OEC and RM100.00 for OWWA

  *The OEC is valid for sixty (60) days from the date of issue or until the expiration of the work permit, whichever comes first.  

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Complaints raised by Filipino workers against their employers or manpower agencies, or complaints by employers against their Filipino workers, can be addressed through the Embassy’s conciliation services. This mechanism enables the concerned parties to reach an amicable settlement of any work-related misunderstanding.  

Any party requesting for conciliation services simply fills out a complaint form at the Philippine Overseas Labor Office of the Embassy.

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Counseling services for Filipino workers who have problems in Malaysia and need Legal, technical or practical advice is provided by the Philippine Overseas Labor Office. OFWs having pending cases at the Labor Department will also be provided with advisory services to generate a favorable decision. The OFW simply fills out a form and will be attended.

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Filipino workers who failed to register as OWWA members prior to departure from the Philippines can apply for membership with the Welfare Officer at the Philippine Overseas Labor Office, Philippine Embassy.   This applies to workers who were issued work permits under the regularization program of the Malaysian government.  

As OWWA members, OFWs shall be entitled to enjoy the following benefits: (a) livelihood loan assistance; (b) insurance coverage; (c) burial assistance; (d) skills training and refresher courses; (e) scholarship program; and, (f) other benefits for the OFW and members of his family.

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The Skills Training Program seeks to develop and upgrade the skills and abilities of OFWs in Malaysia through training, which will enable them to secure a better quality of life for themselves and their families when they return to the Philippines. The courses are held every Sunday for nine months at the Filipino Workers Resource Center, Extension Office of the Labor Attaché at No. 5, Lorong Damai Sebelas, Off Jalan Damai, Kuala Lumpur. The current courses offered are as follows:  

· Arts & Crafts

· Bahasa

· Ballroom Dancing

· Basic Accounting

· Basic Arnis

· Basic Cosmetology

· Basic Hair Culture

· Basic Nursing Home Care

· Basic Law for Filipinos (Blawsfil) 1 - Family & Property Relations

· Blawsfil 2 - Labor & Employment

· Blawsfil 3 - Immigration & Visa Law

· Blawsfil 4 & 5 - Contract & Obligations and Crimes & Punishments

· Blawsfil 6 - Philippine Embassy Functions

· Blawsfil 7 - Philippine Justice System

· Blawsfil 8 – Basic Malaysian Laws

· Blawsfil 9 - Political & Ideological Principles

· Blawsfil 10 - Philippine Government

· Business Management

· Character Building

· Communication

· Computer 1 - Basic Computer

· Computer 2 - Word Processing

· Computer 3 - Spreadsheet Fundamentals

· Computer 4 - Internet Applications

· Computer 5 – Photoshop

· Computer 6 – Illustrator

· Computer 8 - Multiple Computer Applications

· Computer 10 – Autocad

· Culinary Arts

· Dressmaking

· English

· Faculty Development

· Financial Management

· Medical & Dental Assistant (MADA)

· Personal and Family Economics

· Reflexology

· Shorinji Kempo

· Tailoring

· Voice Lesson

Enrolment is held every Sunday between November-January.  Classes start in January.

Enrolment procedures are as follows:

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Forms: (Click the form you want to download)

Standard Employment Contract for Household Service Workers

Standard Employment Contract for Various Skills Workers

OEC – OFW Information Sheet

Affidavit of Philippine Agent

Revised Checklist for Accreditation of Malaysian Manpower Agency / Employer

Fees (Per Document):


1.  Manpower Request and Updated Wages Schedule RM 42.50
2.  Special Power of Attorney (SPA) RM 42.50
3.  Recruitment/Service/Manning Agreement RM 127.50
4.  (Master) Employment Contract/Individual Contract RM42.50
5.  Joint Affidavit of Undertaking (JAU) RM42.50
6.  Immigration/Labour/MSC Approval/License RM42.50
7.  Business License (Form 9/13 or JTK License for DHs RM42.50
8.  Company Forms 24 and 49 (Certified True Copy) RM42.50
9.  Affidavit of Philippine Agent RM42.50

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last updated on 11 June 2010